Day 18 – Tennis Balls

Day 18 (don’t ask where days 15-17 went) of the things I am thankful for takes us to my favorite pastime. Retrieving. Pugs aren’t known for their retrieving skills, but as I’ve always known, I’m a little different from the rest of the pack! In fact, I LOVE to retrieve balls, tennis balls to be exact.

I just look like I’m sleeping.

My retrieving skills are unorthodox. I like to do a little cat-and-mouse game with my humans when I retrieve the ball. I call it “Can’t Touch This” after the great poet MC Hammer. Here’s how “Can’t Touch This” goes:


First, I charge after the tennis ball. Then I scamper back (scampering is a leisurely jog).
Second, I gently place the ball down, just out of my humans reach. Third, I lie in wait for them to try to grab the ball. Fourth, and most importantly, I snatch the ball back and again scamper about.

This can go on for hours, or until the look of weariness in their eyes makes me relent.

Try this on your humans. They will LOVE it.  And do you know what else they will love? Same day FREE shipping on collars, leashes and more at!


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Author: divadogblog

Dolly The Pug is the "face" of Dolly blogs regularly about everyday issues like Paparazzi, college and her shoe fetish. From time to time she gets up on her soapbox and issues directives to the general public, but for the most part she is just a run-of-the-mill Super Star Pug with a blog. Check in regularly (or should we say when the muse inspires her) for her latest travails. Also, since she is the face of Diva-Dog, she regularly posts offers you can only find on her blog. Dolly Dollars are just one of the many deals she reports on.

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