Day 9 – Stuffed Animals

Today I am thankful for being mistaken for a stuffed animal. No, really, it happens all the time!

I’m known to fall asleep rather rapidly and I love to sleep on all things soft. Around our house that can often mean a stuffed animal or two (or six). Anyway, similarly to E.T. The Extraterrestrial, I tend to look like a teddy bear. This can be to my advantage though. I get to stay on my human boys bed for long stretches of time. I also find sleeping on fake fur to be very enjoyable.

Can you find me?
I’ve been told pugs look like aliens, this may be true!

Have a great Friday everyone.

Now back to sleep!

Dolly the Pug

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Author: divadogblog

Dolly The Pug is the "face" of Dolly blogs regularly about everyday issues like Paparazzi, college and her shoe fetish. From time to time she gets up on her soapbox and issues directives to the general public, but for the most part she is just a run-of-the-mill Super Star Pug with a blog. Check in regularly (or should we say when the muse inspires her) for her latest travails. Also, since she is the face of Diva-Dog, she regularly posts offers you can only find on her blog. Dolly Dollars are just one of the many deals she reports on.

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