Modeling: The Hardest Job in the World

I’ve watched bits and pieces of “Deadliest Catch”, “Ice Road Truckers” and “Ax Men” and I’m far from impressed. Although those humans put themselves in harms way to earn a living, nothing is as stressful as being a dog model.

Not only do I have to watch my weight, go to the pet salon regularly, and chew on bones to keep the gleam on my puppy teeth, but I also have to work on my poses. I must capture the moment in a slight turn of my head, or a parting of my lips. Take these poses for instance:









So, the next time you watch “Americas Top Model”, show some respect. They work hard so you don’t have to.

Editor in Chief of "The Dolly Files"

Editor in Chief of “The Dolly Files”

Dolly The Pug

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