All That Hassle for a Tassle!

Graduation day is here! I have not only passed the required doggy-obedience classes, I excelled. Some might say I was a model student. My humans were sufficiently impressed with my skills at “down”, “sit” and “leave it” to award me with a graduation hat this morning. Of course my fashionista instincts were on high alert. Does it go with my outfit? Does it enhance my wide-set eyes? My inner fashionista snorted, turned on her tail and stalked off. I had no other recourse than to chew it up. I will be sauntering down the aisle sans-chapeau! Adieu doggy-obedience, I will miss the delicious doggy treats I was allowed to inhale when I nailed another trick and the constant adoration my humans were required to give me on said occasions.

Dolly the Pug

Dolly's graduation day approaches

Dolly’s graduation day approaches


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