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I have to admit I sometimes take it to the limit. As I like to say “I push boundaries”. I’ve been known to chew on expensive footwear, relieve myself wherever I darn well please and passive/aggressively ignore my humans call to come.

But when I tore up my bed the other day, I thought they were going to skin me alive – and I DO have a beautiful pelt! My humans told me they were going to (in their words here) “teach that dog a lesson”. I thought by “lesson” they meant ballet or tap, but I was soooooooo wrong!

I was just making my bed!
I was just making my bed!

They carted me off to a pet obedience class. We arrived punctually at 7 pm at our neighborhood pet store and were sent to an open area with low walls and chairs for the humans. I was allowed to growl at the Sheltie and chew on my leash while the instructor blathered on about such nonsense as leader of the pack mentality, behavior problems and socializing your pet.

The teacher went around the room asking the humans to introduce themselves, their pets and what they wanted to get from the class. Of course the Sheltie barked too much, she’s such a cliche. When they got to my humans, they said I needed discipline. Snort! Discipline? I am the epitome of discipline. Who was it that left 4 kibbles in their bowl this morning for a mid-morning snack? Moi. Ok, I did run right back there and eat them as soon as my hunger pangs hit me. Who knew it would be 3 minutes?

I was told we will be working on “sit” commands first. I already know how to sit. What sort of school is this anyway? Next they’re gonna ask me to blink or breathe. Either way I am NOT going to do it on command.

Check back later for the blog on how I demoralized the trainers. Yeah I said trainer(s)!

Pugs & Kisses,
Dolly the Pug

Brought to you by Diva-Dog.com
Brought to you by Diva-Dog.com

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Dolly The Pug is the "face" of Diva-Dog.com. Dolly blogs regularly about everyday issues like Paparazzi, college and her shoe fetish. From time to time she gets up on her soapbox and issues directives to the general public, but for the most part she is just a run-of-the-mill Super Star Pug with a blog. Check in regularly (or should we say when the muse inspires her) for her latest travails. Also, since she is the face of Diva-Dog, she regularly posts offers you can only find on her blog. Dolly Dollars are just one of the many deals she reports on.

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