Move Over Giselle!

Dolly on the set!
Dolly on the set!

Some people might say I’m a diva. Ok, EVERYONE says I’m a Diva. So it was only natural that Diva-Dog would approach my agent to get me to model for their new campaign. Of course we turned them down – I am too “big” for that! How would they ever think that a mega-star like myself would have time in my busy day to sit and pose? But then they said it paid in kibble and we had to reconsider. After all, we’re talking about KIBBLE!

So, on the day of my shoot I arrived in total Diva style. Late. Ok, REALLY late. And they were not so pleased to see me. In fact, they were down right upset. But who can blame me? It takes hours to look this good. I don’t just roll out of bed looking adorable. I have my people. Hair, make-up, stylist, personal assistant etc. After all, who is going to carry my latte and my phone? Hello, no opposable thumbs here!

We were able to come to terms with the crew and then I went into action. I chewed on my harness, peed on the carpet, turned my tail to the camera. As I was told later “it is a total fiasco” (I think that means really good in Italian).

As the title of this article says “Move over Giselle” cuz there’s a new “B” in town, and her name is Dolly. I’ve dropped the rest of my name, because when you’re a superstar, you don’t need more than a one word name.

Dolly (the artist formerly known as Dolly the Pug)

Check out the latest from Diva-Dog
Check out the latest from Diva-Dog

Author: divadogblog

Dolly The Pug is the "face" of Dolly blogs regularly about everyday issues like Paparazzi, college and her shoe fetish. From time to time she gets up on her soapbox and issues directives to the general public, but for the most part she is just a run-of-the-mill Super Star Pug with a blog. Check in regularly (or should we say when the muse inspires her) for her latest travails. Also, since she is the face of Diva-Dog, she regularly posts offers you can only find on her blog. Dolly Dollars are just one of the many deals she reports on.

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